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Ch’EARS to a magical new year! We’re kicking off the New Year with our spring FUNdraiser featuring everyone’s favorite mouse and a little magic to support the arts at MAE. We’re excited to continue our raffle fundraiser that boasts a grand prize of a $4,000 Disney travel voucher to any Disney destination as well as lots of exciting incentives for the students who sell raffle tickets. In addition, we will be conducting a 2nd prize drawing for a $250 Visa gift card and a 3rd prize drawing for a Yeti cooler. For over 15 years, MAE has been a model school for a self-sustaining art integrated program in our county and state. Working together, through the support our wonderful parents and their fundraising efforts, our PTO has been able to sustain and supplement our arts program. . Covid has given us challenges to overcome this year and we have met each one. We know we will meet the challenge of ensuring our Art program is secure for another year with the same heart.

Packets will be coming home January 22nd that will include all needed information for the fundraiser and one book of 20 tickets. Please read through this information as a few things have changed this year. For instance, we are using a new online platform, RaffleBreeze, this year to make tracking of sales easy, instant, and quickly reported back to the school. Tickets may be purchased online at for $10 using the personal code provided to your student provided on the ticket. Your child’s online sales will be credited to him/her through this website. We have included a preview of what to expect on the tickets and the website.

Raffle sales will go through Friday, February 5th. Follow us on Facebook (MAE PTO) for updates and links to share with friends and family. In addition to the grand prize, the following prizes will be offered to the students who sell the raffle tickets (one book includes 10 tickets):


The incentives this year for our students are very exciting:

Individual Incentives:

Sell 10 Tickets: Jimmy John’s Cookie and Drink

Sell 20 Tickets: Slimy Slime

Sell 30 Tickets: Chic Fil A Gift Card


School Goal Incentives:

Goal of $35,000: Stinky Feet Day! No shoes in class

Goal of $40,000: Movie and Popcorn in Class

Top Class in the School: Cookie Cake

Sell the Winning Ticket: Baskin Robbins Gift Card

Overall Top Seller: $25 Gift Card


If you joined the PTO at the Jaguar level, one MAE student in your family is already qualified to receive the first incentive. In addition to these, there will be class competitions for donut parties, Disney days, and pajama days. We will only be collecting money and tickets on Friday, January 29th and Friday, February 5th. However, additional ticket books can be requested at any time during the two week period by returning the enclosed request or emailing All ticket stubs, all associated money, and all unsold tickets must be returned on Friday, February 5th for your child to be eligible for the incentives. Please submit one check for all tickets sold.

Thank you in advance for all of your help and for being a part of the arts at MAE!



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