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USA Wiiware collection | Category:Game and video game compilationsKing (TV series) King is a Taiwanese horror drama television series. It was first broadcast in Taiwan on Servicedown TV Channel in July 2006. Synopsis King revolves around Sang-ke (), a 19-year-old college sophomore who is forced to work in a Taiwanese mortuary after his dad's business goes bankrupt. At the same time, Sang-ke's pregnant sister Cheon-hee (), a student at the college of medicine, must decide whether or not to abort the baby due to financial issues. As the drama progresses, Sang-ke slowly begins to realise the truth behind his sister's condition. Cast Main cast Chiung Yao () as Sang-ke Ip Chien-kuo () as Young Sang-ke Fann Chuan () as Young Cheon-hee Supporting cast Hsieh Kuei-jen () as Inspector Han Eva Huang () as Pan-se (), Cheon-hee's deceased mother Hsieh Hsia-jung () as Cheon-hee's grandmother Lee Shih-ting () as Young Se-ke () Tseng Ming-chih () as Han's father Wang Yu-li as Jiao Yu-ping () Chun Yen-yu () as Yu Yi-ching () Yang Kuang-hsi () as Adam Chu Yang-jên () as Korean Dealer Ji Wen-min () as Chen Chiung-hwa () Zhu Li-ya () as Li-fu () Shin Tzu-yung () as Ray Wu Po-tao () as Hong Dao-jin () Series statistics Awards and nominations External links King on ISEAS web site King on OutTV King's page on Facebook King's page on Apple TV Category:2006 Taiwanese television series debuts Category:2006 Taiwanese television series endings Category:Taiwanese drama television series Category:Taiwanese horror fiction television series Category:Mystery television series Category:Taiwanese romance television series Category:Taiwanese romance drama television series Category:Taiwanese romantic horror television seriesUp until this year, the city of Coronado had been defined by its incredibly broad definition of "admission areas." That

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Wiiware Collection Pal meafryt

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